Recycle Your Catalytic Converters the Right Way

Catalytic Converter Recycling ExpertProtecting the environment should be a priority for every individual living on the planet. The company  is committed to a cleaner world and giving its customers excellent compensation for their used convertors. Let me give you a little history of catalytic convertors. Automobile exhaust systems have produced pollutants that have affected the environment. In the 1950s, Eugene Houdry a French mechanical engineer who lived in the United States, was an expert in catalytic oil refining.

He was extremely concerned about the smog in Los Angeles at this time period. His research led him to develop catalytic converters for gasoline engines primarily automobiles. Shortly thereafter, he was awarded a US patent for his invention. His catalytic converter was designed to be used by internal combustion engines that used gasoline or diesel.

The catalytic converter controlled the autos exhaust by converting the toxic emissions to less hazardous pollutants. Initially, there was not a great deal of interest in catalytic converters until the government adopted emission control regulations. By the 1970s, catalytic convertors were more refined by the engineers at Engelhard Corporation. With more and more vehicles being equipped with catalytic convertors, the demand soared. Since 1975, most automobiles have catalytic convertors. Overall, catalytic converters have demonstrated to be an effective device in reducing dangerous emissions thus improving the impact on the environment. Converter Guy is considered one of the best catalytic converter recycling companies and you should contact them to learn more about their services.